Fri. Jan 21st, 2022
Good day my lovely readers.
Glo is trying to improve their network standard, this offer is the best for me cos it’s economical and the validity is one month.
Let me brief you about this offer and you must note that it’s depends on eligibility that’s it doesn’t work for all.
When you sub for 500naira you will be 3.2gb and 1000naira will be 6.4gb and so on. Cool right? Continue reading.
1. First, make sure you are eligible for Glo 100% data bonus. This is very important. Move to the next step.
2. Now go to on your browser and
log in or create an account if you don’t have
3. You are advised to visit the web version of the website and click on
4. Select Glo ng and choose your preferred data plan of your choice.
5. Input your glo phone number and confirm it. Make sure your Glo line is active.
6. Input your ATM details in the box provided and
you will definitely receive an OTP SMS.
7. Input the OTP in the box provided and complete payment.
8. You will receive the glo data once the payment is
9. To check your data balance by dialing
Very simple
Just follow the steps above and you good to go.
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14 thoughts on “Glo 200% Data Bonus. Activate Yours.”
  1. Glo is kinda trying too, lemme run 440 to goan try it though their network is sometimes slow for me, thumbs up Jeff for this…..cos my data would soon finish, lol

  2. Well, looks like glo has let out a flurry of freebies to its customers recently. I think this is worth trying out.
    Such good updates could only be from one person…Jeff!

  3. What a nice idea brought upon by mtn network.i think it a nice way to celebrate this Independence Day wish them more customers to their network.

  4. The offer is good i will try it out and send my feedback later.i always knows that jeff always knows how he draft his updates to draw the attention of other commenters visiting other blogs.

  5. No other network can be be compare to glo because their freebies last long b4 is was notice by glo network,now they also find a way to bring back their customer by coming up with a good alternative which may favour their i think they are really trying.

  6. What a way to help their customer who calls every day,i think glo are trying their best to play the part of their game in terms of bringing back their customer.

  7. Nowadays, glo now gives freebries to their customers, not only by giving freebries to their customers but by improving on their network . That the only problem i have from glo

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