Fri. Jan 21st, 2022
Glo ng is trying to improve their network standard and this is just a good start because it will help people stick to the network.
This Glo 4x bonus is very easy to activate and the Glo 4x bonus can be used to make calls to all networks with 45kobo worth of rate.
Will you like to activate the Glo 4x bonus recharge, then follow the steps below and share when done.
1. Get the recharge card ready.
2. Dial This Code *323*rechargePIN#.
3. You will be given your Glo 4x bonus recharge. Recharging 100naira will guarantee you 400naira.
To Check Your Glo 4X
Bonus Balance, just dial #122*30#.
Now you have seen how to activate it. Share and comment.

By admin

10 thoughts on “Glo 4X Bonus Recharge. Get Four Times Your Recharge.”
  1. Have been seeing this each time I check my balance, but didn't believe and didn't even try it, seeing it here posted by Jeff has just made me tried it and boom!! I got N800 for just N200 airtime, thanks Jeff

  2. As much as I find this particular post interesting and enlightening, I would also like to know how long this bonus remains valid. Sadly, I don't currently have a glo Sim, but thanks to our admin, maybe I could put a smile on someone else's face!

  3. Nice offer from glo network i know as it is posted by jeff it is definitely going to work out for me because jeftechs is the best blog i have visited so far,and currently now he is still the best.continue with your good work.

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