Fri. Jan 21st, 2022
Good day everyone

 In this country were we are things are not too easy at all even to make small call MTN will charge huge amount of money

But am bringing to you the best way to charge MTN with a simple trick
With just 100naira you can make up to 16minutes of call to all networks Yes!!!! to all network
It not really a cheat but a simple trick that jeftech discovered and am sharing to every one
Enough of this long stories and let go straight to the point
1.      MTN sim
2.      Recharge card of anu amount
3.      Android phone or any other phone
1.      Buy 100naira recharge card
2.      Before you load ensure you are on mtn beta talk unless send BT to 131(migration is free)
3.      After the welcome message from mtn for those that migrated to beta talk
4.      Recharge the card you will be credited with 250naira free of charge for 7days
5.      In beta talk call rate is 40kb per sec and the 250naira gives you approximately 6minutes of call to all networks
6.      When you have exhausted the  250naira leaving you with your main balance of 100naira
7.      Migrate to iplus by dialing *406*1#(it’s completely free ur 100naira will be intact don’t be afraid)
8.      Now that you are on ipluse ur 100naira gives you approximately 9minutes of call because its charge at 11kb per sec
9.      Now 9minutes plus 6minutes is 15minutes of call for just 100naira
So you can see you can make up to 16minutes of call for just 100naira on MTN so don’t say that this Buhari period affected you even in calls
You can apply this to any amount of recharge card you purchased
Let enjoy it while it last!!  Drop your questions and complaints

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