Fri. Jan 21st, 2022
Good day everyone.
Am here again with another cheap data plan powered by 9mobile, I can say this one of the cheapest data I have ever seen.
But you must know that this subscription has restrictions. What do mean, it’s only applicable to some selected set of customers.
It’s apparently doesn’t work for all sims so what you need to do is to try your luck and see if it’s works for you. 
The new data plan is such that you can use 200naira for 1gb and when you repeat the steps you can get 5gb for 1000naira.
1. Recharge your line with 1000naira. But before then you can dial the code to see if you eligible, if you are you will get a message saying insufficient balance.
2. Lunch your dial and dial *929*10#.
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3. You will be allocated for 1gb, repeat step 2 five whooping times and you will given 5gb. 
4. To check your balance dial *228#
5. The validity is yet to be confirmed but I think 15days.
So this is just the simplest way to activate this whooping data.

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